Convex Mirror Price in Bangladesh

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Convex Mirror Price in Bangladesh

Looking for a convex mirror? You’ve come to the right place! Our prices are unbeatable and our mirrors are of the highest quality. Whether you’re looking for a 24 inch, 32 inch, or 39 inch mirror, we’ve got you covered. Our mirrors are perfect for use in schools, homes, businesses, and more! Order yours today and see the difference a convex mirror can make.

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Convex Mirror Price in Bangladesh

No. Model & Details Latest Price
1 24 inch mirror 11,000
2 32 inch mirror 17,500
3 39 inch Mirror Convex 21,000
Convex Mirror Price in Bangladesh

Convex Mirror Price in Bangladesh

A convex mirror is an optical object that reflects light. This object is shaped like an elongated cylinder, and its curvature allows light to pass through it. A ray traveling parallel to the principal axis will be reflected and will not pass through the sphere, making it a convex mirror. Observers would view the replica when sighting along the line. The distance between an incident ray and its reflection is translated to the curvature of a cylinder, as is the case with a circular sphere.

A convex mirror reflects light, and an observer can view the image using the rays reflected. The rays of light from an object travel backward, and the observers must sight along them to locate the point where the rays intersect. This point is the location of the object’s image. Moreover, a convex mirror has a wide range of uses. A business owner can buy different types of convex mirrors and install them in their premises, which will increase their efficiency and productivity.

A convex mirror has numerous uses in the workplace. Besides providing an enhanced overview of the work environment, it can also be used in production lines. During the production process, employees can see the product from various angles. This will ensure that there is nothing wrong with the product and that it meets standards. A good overview will prevent accidents and improve the safety and efficiency of a workplace. A convex mirror provides an excellent view and helps employees avoid any potential risks in their daily work.