OBT-3000 Professional Conference system in Bangladesh

The portable conference system is a system designed for conference rooms that only need conference discussion functions.Each unit has the function of switching the microphone and speaking indicator light.The system is simple in configuration and can meet the needs of various large,medium and small conferences.The system’s non-voting unit has a variety of appearances to choose from to meet the needs of different styles of meeting rooms. Trimatrik BD is the Supplier of OBT Conference System in Bangladesh.

OBT-3000 Integrated Master Multifunction Controller Meeting System Microphone Conference

Master of meeting system of OBT-3000 Digital control and audio signals of the master and the conference system unit are thansferred with the same transmission power view (eight cores). Has the following functions:open conferences,1/2/3/5 limite speech. Built-in video interface that can be connected to the central processor,for thoseimage tracking unit can achive the image tracking function. Single host with four terminals can be connected to the main cable conference units more than 60 groups and with load and short circuit protection function,using 250 units simultaneously can be realized if add expansion device. With 3 sets of audio signal output terminal for external recording or speakers. Frequency Response: 100Hz-18KHz; Total Harmonic Distortion: 100Hz-18KHz audio conference system output is less than 0.1%. With built-in 115W speaker monitor and a volume adjustment. Power consumption: 500W, power supply: AC220. Can be installed in standard 19-inch rack. In line with international conference facilities standards and international safety UL, CE certification, CCC safety certificationn.

OBT-3000 Professional Conference system

OBT-3000 Professional Conference system in Bangladesh OBT-3000 Professional Conference system in Bangladesh