EAS EAS Gate, AM gate & RF gate

Guard your valuable assets with EAS Gate, AM gate & RF gate. Easy install & easy use. Check out our features. EAS Surveillance System can be used to protect any small business shop, Store, Super Shop and Wholesale, and the word itself means Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS). Electronic article surveillance (EAS) Security system usually consists of EAS


EAS EAS Gate, AM gate & RF gate in Bangladesh

EAS, or electronic article surveillance, is a security system that uses electronic tags to track the movement of articles in a commercial setting. It is useful in various commercial settings such as retail. EAS can help prevent shoplifting and other types of theft. The benefits of using EAS include the following:

-It is an effective way to deter theft. By tracking the movement of articles, EAS can help identify potential thieves before they are able to commit any crimes.

-It is an affordable security option. Compared to other security measures, such as cameras and alarm systems, EAS is relatively affordable and requires minimal installation time.

-It can be customized to fit the needs of a particular business. Because EAS systems are customizable, businesses can configure them to meet their specific needs and requirements.

Both RF and AM systems rely on communication between an antenna (often installed above or close to a doorway) and security tags attached to objects. In a nutshell, the antenna delivers a signal, and the tag or label responds. The key distinction between RF and AM is found in the operating frequency, which is expressed in Hertz. While RF (Radio Frequency) systems function in a sweep at roughly 8.2 MHz, AM (Acoustic Magnetic) systems send out signals in pulses or bursts between fifty and ninety times per second.


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