DRAGON GUARD AS4004 EAS AM 58Khz Security Anti Theft Detection Antenna

  • Made by Germany imported acrylic material,beautiful and clear appearance,will not be deformed.
  • Easy installation, without debugging and no need to connect with external host.
  • With LED display counter,can be adjusted by remote control.
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DRAGON GUARD AS4004 EAS AM 58Khz Security Anti Theft Detection Antenna in Bangladesh

    Frequency: 58KHz
    Unit Dimension: 150*40*2cm(H*W*D)
    Packing Details: 1pcs/ctn,22.0kgs/ctn,160*48*17cm
    Detection Distance: DUAL DR label: 1.2-1.6m Hard Tag:1.5-3.0m MONO DR label: 0.6-0.8m Hard Tag:0.75-1.5m
    Material: Acrylic


Supermarket,garment shop,digital shop etc.

The article discusses the importance of having an EAS security system in place and how CARRY BD can help. The company has years of experience in the field, and their systems are top of the line.

Dragon Guard AS4004 EAS AM 58Khz Security Anti Theft Detection Antenna Review

The DRAGON GUARD AS4004, or the EAS AM, is a 58Khz security anti theft detector antenna. This device is designed to detect any motion in the home, allowing you to be alerted in case your home is being broken into. There are several ways to use this device, so this review will cover some of the most important ones.

The Dragon Guard AS4004 EAS AM 58Khz Security Anti Theft Detection Antenna is the perfect solution for businesses and government agencies that need to secure their property and prevent theft. This antenna is specifically designed to pick up signals from the 58Khz frequency, which is the most commonly used security frequency. The Dragon Guard AS4004 EAS AM 58Khz Gate can be mounted on a gate or door, providing an extra layer of protection against theft.


Dragon Guard, a leading manufacturer of anti-shoplifting EAS security tags and systems, was established in 2004. The company’s products are used by retailers to prevent theft and protect their customers’ privacy. Dragon Guard offers a variety of customizable security tag labels that can be attached to items such as clothing, bags, and tools. The tags use GPS technology to track the location of the item, and can be activated by staff or customers if it is suspected that it has been stolen. Dragon Guard has a proven track record of providing effective anti-shoplifting solutions for businesses of all sizes.

When it comes to securing your business, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we at EAS Security recommend DRAGON GUARD, the leading security provider in the Asian region. TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is an importer of DRAGON GUARD products and services, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality and service available.

DRAGON GUARD has been providing top-quality security solutions to businesses of all sizes for years now. Their team of experienced experts have a wealth of knowledge on security technologies and procedures, which they can deploy to protect your business from any kind of threat. With TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA as your go-to security partner, you’ll be able to rely on the best in class protection for your business needs.

DRAGON GUARD AS4004 Price in Bangladesh

Price: Tk. 1,30,000
Brand: Dragon Guard
Item: EAS AM Gate
Contact No: 01789-636363
Hotline: 01785-777722
Warranty: One Year


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