EAS Anti Theft AM/RF Tag Detacher

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EAS Anti Theft AM/RF Tag Detacher

An EAS anti theft AM/RF tag detacher is a great way to protect high-value products. Unlike a conventional security alarm, the system does not require an additional cash desk or investment. EAS security tags are commonly used on clothing, boxed products, and shoes. They can’t be used on high-value handheld electronic devices, such as laptops and mobile phones.

EAS works on the premise that if a shoplifter tries to remove an electronic tag or label from an item, the device will immediately sound an alarm to alert the store management. The tags can be physically removed or deactivated by cashiers before they can leave the store. The two most common types of EAS are radio frequency and acousto magnetic. Both types of EAS can be used in stores to prevent shoplifting.

The most popular EAS system is the Sensormatic antenna system, which is used by many retailers nationwide. The EAS Anti Theft AM/RF Tag Detacher is a low-cost, easy-to-install system that reduces shoplifting losses by up to 70%. Its installation and use make it an excellent choice for retail establishments. This anti-theft device is simple to install and provides immediate results.

An EAS Anti Theft AM/RF tag detacher is an efficient security system for commercial businesses. It will help prevent shoplifting as well as other forms of theft. Even casual thieves won’t get a chance to steal your merchandise without the system. With self-adhesive labels, this security device is easy to install and requires little maintenance. EAS Anti Theft AM/RF Tag Detacher has a long-term performance, so you will not have to worry about it failing.

Asymmetrical antennas are a common method used to detect AM/RF tags. The antennas are usually pedestal-based, and can be installed under floor or in doorframes to minimize their impact. An EAS AM/RF tag detacher can also detect AM adhesive security labels on metal items. The EAS AM/RF Tag Detacher works on both metal and plastic objects.

An EAS system works in conjunction with a surveillance system to detect theft. EAS tags contain a special sensor that communicates with an EAS system inside the store. When a shoplifter purchases an item, the EAS tag deactivates. However, if the shoplifter attempts to leave the store, the tags can be tampered with and the item stolen. It is best to use acoustic-magnetic tags for high-value items, as they provide more range and are more resistant to interference.

The EAS anti-theft AM/RF tag detacher can deactivate hard tags, and is compatible with Checkpoint and sensormantic hard tags. The Ultragator RFID tag is the most secure type, as it cannot be removed by a magnet. It measures 3.75 inches by 1.1 inches and is quite substantial. If a shoplifter is caught using this device, the evidence against them is valuable.

The EAS Anti-Theft AM/RF tag detacher is a simple and affordable way to secure your retail store. It can reduce shrinkage and increase profits by preventing unauthorized removal of items. By using the EAS system, you can keep your property safe from theft and avoid the expense of hiring security guards. With this system, you can rest assured that no shoplifter will walk out with your merchandise without paying.

The electronic article surveillance system is especially useful in retail establishments. It can stop shoplifters from taking large quantities of items. It also detects and alerts shoplifters without making a sound. It is also an effective tool in detecting repeat shoplifters. A metal detection gate can prevent shoplifters from entering your establishment by providing a noiseless alert. Its earpiece is loud, and it can alert customers without a sound.

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