Parking Security Convex Curved Mirror

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A parking security convex curved mirror is a great addition to any parking lot because it helps keep track of who is parked where and it makes it difficult for people to get away with parking in unauthorized spots.


  • Wide-angle viewing
  • It is waterproof, anti-UV, highly durable.
  • It could be used in offices, supermarkets, retail shops, banks, workshop for observation and surveillance, and used in road corners, or parking lots to avoid traffic accidents


Convex mirrors are a type of security mirror that is curved on all sides. They are used in parking lots to help monitor and deter theft and vandalism. Convex mirrors have several advantages over other security mirrors, such as the ability to detect objects at a farther distance, making them more effective at deterring criminals.

Parking Security Convex Curved Mirror

Parking spaces can be a valuable resource for businesses and individuals. Individuals may use parking spaces to store their personal belongings, while businesses may use parking spaces to store their equipment or product. To protect these spaces from being used inappropriately, many businesses install security cameras. However, this can be problematic when the camera is positioned in a curved mirror.

The problem with a camera in a curved mirror is that it is difficult to see what is happening behind the mirror. This makes it difficult to identify potential thieves or criminals who are attempting to break into the business or steal any of the equipment or product stored inside the space.

Parking Security Convex Curved Mirror Best Price in Bangladesh

Parking Security Convex Curved Mirror Best Price in Bangladesh

A convex mirror can help solve this problem by providing a more clear view of what is happening behind the mirror. This means that potential thieves or criminals will be more likely to be detected and apprehended.

Attractive Look Outdoor Traffic Convex Mirror

When it comes to looking your best, you can’t go wrong with a traffic convex mirror. These mirrors are perfect for anyone who wants to put emphasis on their attractiveness. They’re also great for people who want to get a good view of the surrounding area while they’re driving. Traffic convex mirrors are available in both indoor and outdoor versions, so you can choose the one that’s best suited for your needs.

Mirror Product Special Features

  • Made By High-Quality Material of ABS
  • Different Sizes – 60mm/80mm/100mm/120mm
  • With Installation Accessories in every Box
  • 130 Degree Viewing Angle on any area
  • Wide Angle Covered
  • ABS Hood System

Traffic Convex And Concave Mirror

Our Traffic Convex And Concave Mirror of characteristics and parameters are:

  • Type: Traffic Convex And Concave Mirror
  • Condition: New
  • Material: ABS
  • Quality: Supreme
  • Edge type: Round Edge
  • Usage: Stops
  • Color: red
  • Characteristics: Attractive Look, Fine Finish, Good Strength, Wide Area Coverage
  • Shape: Circular
  • Size: 60mm/80mm/100mm/120mm/180MM Road Mirror
  • Type: Convex Mirror


  • Polycarbonate Convex Mirrors are virtually unbreakable and are 200 times stronger than glass. It is not affected by any type of light ray and will not produce toxic fumes if burnt. Ideal for surveillance, these heavy-duty, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate mirrors are ideal for areas prone to vandalism.
  • Clear image, lightweight
  • Scratch resisting, Shatterproof, high anti-impact
  • Weatherproof, anti-UV
  • Easy cleaning, easy installation
  • home garage parking mirror

Clear image & lightweight

A clear image is a top priority when it comes to mirrors. That’s why we love the convex mirror design. It provides a clear view with little weight, making it easy to mount on the wall or ceiling. Plus, its sleek and modern look will add style to any room. convex parking mirror

Best Unbreakable Material

Most people know that mirrors are made of glass, but few people know that they can also be made from a stronger material called a “convex curved mirror.” Convex curved mirrors are unbreakable and are 200 times stronger than glass. This makes them the perfect choice for parking security applications because they are not affected by any type of light ray.

Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors are impervious to break and are 200 times more durable than glass. They are not affected by any kind of light beam and is not able to emit harmful gasses if it is burned. Perfect for security, these tough, extremely durable, and almost unbreakable polycarbonate mirrors are great for areas that are prone to vandalism. If a car happens to strikes the mirror, it will spring back, automatically, but doesn’t break. Additionally, ABSplastic, as well as soft PC, is employed to create this mirror’s surface.

High Quality Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors in Bangladesh

High-Quality Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors in Bangladesh

130-Degree Viewing Angle

Convex Curved Mirrors will provide you with a wide-angle view. In areas of blind spots, such as the “T” junctions where roads cross, drivers require a wide-angle to steer the car and avoid any type of collision. Convex road mirrors offer an angle of 130 degrees, which is suitable for the majority of situations. If you want to cover more space then you can put two convex mirrors right on the location.

Built-in Hood System in Mirror

Convex mirrors are used in both indoor and outdoor environments. A built-in hood or shield system made the convex mirror more durable and use-worthy. Convex mirrors have a curved surface that magnifies objects in front of it. The curvature of the mirror can cause damage if it is dropped from a great height. To prevent this, a hood or shield system was invented to protect the mirror when it is not in use. This system consists of a frame that attaches to the mirror and covers the curved surface when it is not in use. This protects the mirror from damage and makes it more useable.

A built-in shield or hood made the convex mirror stronger and suitable for use. Convex mirrors can be utilized both indoors as well as in outdoor locations. Mirrors that are installed outdoors must be constantly exposed to rain and sun. With this in mind, the need for it is recommended to install a Built-in Hood System is designed to block rain and sun and make it suitable for outdoor usage.

High Visible Body Color

Body-color is one of the visual cues that can attract attention to a person. It is used as an indicator of health, attractiveness, and fertility. Bright colors are often associated with happiness and life, while pale colors are associated with innocence and purity. Pale skin is often considered more attractive than darker skin because it appears healthy and smooth. However, people of all skin tones can benefit from using high visible body color products to enhance their appearance.

Some makeup companies have created products specifically for people with high visible body color. These products help to emphasize the natural features of the person’s skin and make them look more attractive. The most popular type of high-visibility makeup is called “convex mirror” makeup. This type of makeup uses light-reflecting technology to create a magnified effect on the face.

When it comes to security and traffic safety visibility is the most crucial aspect. Convex mirrors also require visibility to catch the attention of drivers and passersby. To achieve this, high-visibility body Color is employed to make the unbreakable traffic Convex Mirrors apparent from afar. This mirror uses the color yellow or orange in traffic which is very visible at the time of day and night.

Durable Mirror

Since convex mirrors are often used on difficult and blind roads and areas that are prone to accidents and areas of high risk, they need to be durable and long-lasting. Convex mirrors of this kind have high durability. An in-built hood system and a high-quality plastic frame make the mirror strong. It’s scratch-resistant and shatterproof, as well as high impact resistance, and weatherproof as well as UV resistant.

Indoor & Outdoor Use

The traffic convex mirrors designed for driveways can be used both indoors and outdoors. Mirrors can be used in parking lots as well as construction compounds. Additionally, you can put the convex mirror outside, roads, garages parking lots difficult and blind places. Shatterproof, scratch-resistant high-impact resistance, and ant-UV make it ideal for outdoor usage.


Because Convex Dome Safety Mirrors are designed for outdoor use, they must be weatherproof. The acrylic is used to make this convex mirror is water-resistant. All body parts that are used as exteriors are weather resistant. This means you can put it in rain, sun, and storms without causing damage. The built-in hood is also able to protect convex dome safety Reflectors from harsh weather. parking garage mirror placement

Different Size Convex Mirror Available

Convex mirrors in various sizes are on sale. You can get the dimension of the corner mirror with blinds for your driveways that can be adjusted to the space of the installation. There are 24inches/600mm, 39inche/1000mm size unbreakable Road Convex Mirrors. There isn’t any specific requirement or requirement to use any convexmirror of a particular size.

Different Size Convex Mirror Available

Different Size Convex Mirror Available

Installation Accessories

The parking security Convex mirrors need to be installed in different types of places according to use. For example, businesses need these mirrors because they can help the security guards see what is happening in the lot at all times. The mirrors also make it difficult for thieves to steal anything from the lot since they are always visible. In addition, homes need these mirrors because they can help the homeowners see if someone is trying to break into their car.

Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors should be placed in various types of places based on their use. In light of this, the Security Convex Curved Mirrors adopted easy installation and accessories. The bracket is adjustable and nut bolts can be adjusted to fit any type of space. It is possible to install the mirror on pillars or walls, as well as on other structures.

Area of Use

Convex mirrors are widely used in various areas such as road corner, underground parking, large building to provide direct and angles views.

The applications areas of convex mirrors is huge. They are widely used in intersections or underground parking. It is also used in huge buildings, to give straight and angle views to drivers. It is also a good idea to make use of the convex curved mirrors in shops, large supermarkets and at the turn of the road and parking lot, factories, or any other place where you there is a need for security against thieves. In the case of blind spots or the tricky “T” junctions where several roads intersect the mirror can be extremely useful.

Convex Mirror Bangladesh

Convex mirrors are widely used at road corners, underground parking, large buildings for providing direct views. They are also commonly used in car showrooms to show the inside of a car.  Convex mirrors have a huge usage area and can be found in almost all countries. Most convex mirror manufacturers are located in Asian countries like China and Japan.

Convex Mirror Price in Bangladesh

No. Model & Details Latest Price
1 Convex Mirror 24 inch 11,000
2 Convex Mirror 32 inch 17,500
3 Convex Mirror 39 inch 21,000

Convex Mirror Price in Bangladesh

Frequently asked questions and Answers

Yes, convex mirrors are often used in security mirrors because they provide a wider field of view than traditional mirrors. This makes it easier to see potential threats or intruders in the area.

Convex mirrors are used in parking lots because they give a wider view of the area than other types of mirrors. This allows drivers to see more cars in the lot and avoid collisions.

A convex mirror is used as a security mirror because it gives a wider field of view than a regular mirror. This makes it easier to see people or objects that are trying to sneak into the area that is being monitored.

Convex curved mirrors reflect light outward in a curved path. This makes them ideal for use as rearview mirrors in cars, as they provide a wide field of view.

What is Convex Mirror?

A convex mirror is a curved mirror that causes light rays to converge at a single point. This type of mirror is often used in traffic signals and security cameras.

Where Is The Convex Mirror Used?

The convex mirror is used in a variety of settings, including:

-In-car rear-view mirrors to help drivers see what is behind them
-Insecurity mirrors to help people see what is happening around them
-In-store windows to attract attention to the merchandise

How Does A Convex Mirrors Work?

A convex mirror is a curved mirror that causes objects to appear smaller and farther away than they actually are. This is because the curved surface of the mirror reflects more light toward the viewer’s eyes.

Why We Use This Convex Type Parking Mirror?

There are a few reasons why we use convex-type parking mirrors. The main reason is that they provide a wider field of view, which is important for seeing as much as possible while you’re parking. They’re also easier to install and use than traditional mirrors, and they’re less likely to get damaged.

What Shapes And Sizes Of Convex Mirrors Are Available?

There are a variety of shapes and sizes of convex mirrors available on the market. Some common shapes include round, oval, and rectangular, while common sizes range from about 24 inches to about 39 inches in diameter. There are also larger and smaller sizes available, as well as specialty shapes and sizes.

Can I Use Stand To This Convex Mirror?

Yes, you can use a stand to this convex mirror. A convex mirror is a curved mirror that causes objects to appear smaller and farther away than they actually are. This makes them ideal for use as security mirrors or in areas where it is important to see a wide area.

How Many Degrees Of Angle View Can Be Clearly Understood With The Help Of This Convex Mirror?

A convex mirror can give a wide-angle view of around 180 degrees. This makes it perfect for use in security systems or as a rearview mirror in a car. The image will be distorted near the edges of the mirror, but the center will be clear.

How To Install This Convex Mirror?

  • Remove the mirror from its packaging.
  • Hold the mirror against the wall so that the mounting screws are at the top.
  • Mark the spots where you will need to drill holes with a pencil.
  • Drill holes using a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the screws that came with your mirror.
  • Insert the screws into the drilled holes and tighten them using a screwdriver.

Do I Need To Buy Installation Accessories?

Not necessarily, but it can make the installation process easier. If you have an existing outlet that you’re using, you’ll need an electrical box to mount the light fixture to the wall. You may also need a mounting strap if your light fixture is heavy.

Where Should I Install The Convex Mirror?

There are a few things to consider when installing a convex mirror. First, you need to decide where the mirror will be most effective in providing a clear view of what’s happening around it. Second, you need to make sure that the mirror is mounted in a way that won’t obstruct traffic or create a safety hazard. Finally, you need to take into account the placement of any other mirrors or objects that may impact the effectiveness of the convex mirror.

How Long I Can Use This Mirror?

The mirror should last indefinitely as long as it is not damaged.

Additional information

24-inch Convex Mirror Price

11,000 Taka

32-inch Convex Mirror Price

17,500 Taka

39-inch Convex Mirror Price

21,000 Taka

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  1. Carry Bag BD

    24-inch Convex Mirror Price
    11,000 Taka

    32-inch Convex Mirror Price
    17,500 Taka

    39-inch Convex Mirror Price
    21,000 Taka

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