Carry Bag BD

Non Woven Bag

Carry bag BD is a leading Non Woven Bag Supplier in Bangladesh. 

Looking For Non Woven Tissue Bag?

You are in the right place. Carry Bag BD is one of the largest Non Woven Tissue Bag Manufacturer in Bangladesh. We are capable to  produce 2 millions pieces/month. We produce D-Cut Bag, U-Cut Bag, W-Cut Bag, Printing Bag, Rice Bag, Shopping Bag, Bag, Suit Cover Products. 

Carry Bag Non Woven BAg

We are here to Brand your Business

Non Woven Bag

D-Cut bag, W-Cut Bag, Shoe Bag, Handle Type Bag, etc

Print & Design

Multiple Color Fabric With High Quality Print With Your Business info & Logo.

On Time Delivery

We have own delivery people. So dont worry about delivery time. Also Big Quantity product always available.

Carry Bag Bangladesh

Carry Bag is A Leading Non Woven Bag Supplier in Bangladesh. We provides Bag Locally & internationally.