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Carry bag BD is a leading Non Woven Bag Supplier in Bangladesh. 

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You are in the right place. Carry Bag BD is one of the largest Non Woven Tissue Bag Manufacturer in Bangladesh. We are capable to  produce 2 millions pieces/month. We produce D-Cut Bag, U-Cut Bag, W-Cut Bag, Printing Bag, Rice Bag, Shopping Bag, Bag, Suit Cover Products. 

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Non Woven Bag

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Carry Bag Bangladesh

Carry Bag is A Leading Non Woven Bag Supplier in Bangladesh. We provides Bag Locally & internationally.  


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D-Cut Bag

Multicolor Fabric with 20GSM to 120GSM With Print, Full Automated D-Cut Bag


W-Cut Bag

Full Automated W-Cut Bag With Multicolor Print. 40GSM to 120GSM Fabric


Shoe Bag

Mainly use this bag with 20GSM Fabric & Without Print.

Get Non-woven bag in BD

 Whether to attract customer’s interest or making the products comfortable to carry, shopping bags are important. Are you also looking for such kinds of comfortable, handy and eco-friendly shopping bad for your business? Perhaps, you are just in the right place.

In this article, I am going to introduce with Non-Woven bag in BD. So, read this article till the end and forget your worries about an attractive and versatile shopping bag in Bangladesh.

Let’s get started.

Firstly, let me clear what Non woven bag is.


Non-Woven Bag

Non Woven Bag bd

Can u guess about it from its name? Alright, allow me to clarify. Non woven bags are made of not woven or knitted material. These bags are attractive and comfortable to carry. At the same time, these bags are eco-friendly.


Materials used in Non-Woven Bag 

Wondering about the materials used in a non-woven bag? Actually, the main material used in making a non-woven bag is non-woven fabrics. Still, confused about the material? Permit me to clarify.

Acrylic, Polypropylene, Nylon and Polyester are the example of non-woven fabrics. That’s why non woven bags are versatile for its various ingredients.



Non–woven bags in Bangladesh are manufactured in 3 ways as thermally, chemically and mechanically

At the very first, manufacturers transform the raw materials into a sheet or web. After this, they put them together for binding. Manufacturers can execute this process in three ways. I’ve already told you about the categories in the starting above.


Non-Woven Bag in BD

non woven bag bd

Searching for Non woven Bag in Bangladesh? We are providing a Non-woven bag at a reasonable price. For your business, you can order our bags now.

We are manufacturing high-quality non woven bag in BD. Your customers will be thankful to you for these export quality shopping bags.

There numerous advantages of using those bags.

Allow me to mention some of those.



Benefits of Using Non Woven Bag


A plastic bag is a common choice in our country. But the raw substance used in Plastic is polyethylene. It is harmfully for our environment as it is so much tough to decompose. Do you know that it takes about three hundred years to get destroyed?

Non-woven bags are a far better choice from this point of view. These fabrics are easily decomposable. It takes only ninety days to get vanished. So, using these bags will reduce environmental pollution by a notable margin.


Flexible & Easy to Carry

The non-woven bags are very lightweight. This is why it is comfortable to carry. At the same time, these bags are also flexible as it is non-woven.



Yes, you can re-use these bags after washing them. The fiber used in it makes it easy to clean and dry. You can use a bag at least 10 times by washing.


Protects from Microbial

You will be wondering to know that it can separate bacteria substances and insects surrounded by the corrosion of bacteria.



These bags are handy and having good strength. More stable than the typical woven bag.


Customer loves it to use

It’s one of the biggest advantages of using these types of bags. If you have to use a shopping bag for your business, choose Nonwoven bags without any hesitation. In recent times, people are showing interest in this bag.



Last but not the least, these bags are cost-friendly. Moreover, the production rate is also high. As these bags are recyclable, you can even use them multiple times. So, it will save your budget from various perspectives.

You shouldn’t make any delay to grab those advantages.


Get the Price

Are you eager to know the price of non woven bags in BD? Ask for a quote now.

We are offering a high-quality non woven bag in BD at a reasonable price. To get the best price contact us now.


Woven Bag VS Non-Woven Bag, A brief Overview

Woven bag vs non oven bag 


  • Materials

Woven Bags are made of woven materials.

Non-woven bags are made of Non-woven materials.


  • Durability

Non-woven bags are more durable than woven bags.


  • Cost

Woven Bags are costlier than non-woven Bags


  • Stylish & Comfortable

People preferred non-woven bag as stylish & comfortable than the woven bag.



For your convenience, let me inform you how you should maintain a non-woven Bag.

  • When you aren’t using the bad, don’t keep it in a damp place for a long time.
  • Don’t put acidic elements in the bag.
  • Try to keep the bag clean and dry.
  • Keep the balance of weight that you are carrying in the bag. Don’t put excessive weight

We are just at the end of our today’s article. Hopefully, you will be beneficial by using non-woven bags.

Still, have any questions? FAQ section is available for you



Q: What is a non-woven bag?


A: Non-woven bag is such a bag that is made of non-woven material. These bags are eco-friendly and easily decomposable.


Q: Is this bag Eco-friendly?


A: Yes, this type of bag is eco-friendly.


Q:Where can I get non-woven bags in BD?


A: We are supplying a non-woven bag all over Bangladesh.


Q: Are these bags costly?


A: Not at all, non-woven bags are cheaper compared to woven bags.





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