Dragon Guard AS4007 AM Antenna

  • Frequency: 58KHz
  • Unit Dimension: 146cm*20cm*2cm(H*W*D)
  • Packing Details: 2pc/ctn,29kgs/ctn,154*28*31cm
  • Detection Distance: DR label:1.2-1.7m Hard Tag:1.4-2.0m
  • Material: Acrylic


Dragon Guard AS4007 AM Antenna in Bangladesh

  • Motherboard is an intelligent digital display board.
  • Effectively shorten the detection distance of the antenna outside (such as anti-theft tag), reduce false alarm.
  • Super anti-interference ability. Can be used with other installed antennas.


Supermarket,garment shop,digital shop etc.

Dragon Guard AS4007 AM Antenna in Bangladesh

Dragon Guard AS4007 AM Antenna in Bangladesh

Dragon Guard AS4007 AM Antenna

The Dragon Guard AS4007 AM Antenna is a high performance AM gate that is perfect for use with the Dragon Guard AM 58Khz Gate. This antenna offers superior performance and is ideal for use in locations where high quality AM signals are needed. With its wide range and stable signal, this antenna is a great choice for all your broadcasting needs. AM antennas are widely used in the radiofrequency spectrum because they have a long path length and can transmit signals over long distances. The AM 58Khz gate is an important part of an AM antenna system, because it helps to limit the amount of interference that can be received by other stations.

The EAS Security AM Antenna is designed to provide improved security and performance for radio-based emergency notification (EAS) systems. The antenna is a high-gain antenna that can be used with both analog and digital EAS systems. The antenna plugs into an amplifier to increase the system’s power, and it supports frequencies between 58 kHz.




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